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About the library

Service deklaration


Service declaration for the library at University College Copenhagen
The service declaration applies to loans and other services for students and staff at University College Copenhagen, external users and institutions.

The library at University College Copenhagen is a government library under the Act on Library Services §13(2) and is thereby at disposal for private as well as institutional, external users.

The library consists of 6 library departments. All departments serve University College Copenhagen students and staff, as well as external users. The library's primary purpose is to serve students and staff at University College Copenhagen.

A cooperation agreement has been made between the library and UC Diakonissestiftelsen – Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing.
External users have limited access to services and resources.


Students, staff and users at University College Copenhagen are subject to another agreement
The services and regulations stated on the library's website apply to students, staff and users who are subject to another agreement.


External users
Private, external users are defined as individual persons, who wish to take out materials from the library collections or to utilise the library's resources on site.

Private, external users can be registered as loaners at one of the library's locations. 

Loaner registration happens upon presenting one's yellow health insurance card, and the loaner is given a pin code which can be changed subsequently. The loaner chooses one of the library's locations as their primary pick-up location for ordered and reserved materials.

Private, external users are free to take out and reserve materials from the library community's collections, excluding some types of materials which can only be used on site.

Electronic resources can be used on site. Remote access is not available for private, external users.

The library does not process materials ordered through and does not order materials from other libraries for private, external users.


Rules on loans and fees can be found in the library's regulations.


External institutions
Institutional users are defined as other libraries included in the national loaning network.
The loan period for materials is 42 days and  it is possible to renew up to 180 days. It is possible to renew a loan directly on the library's website. Here institutional users are automatically registered with individual library numbers and pin codes. Fines are not charged on late returns. Lost or damaged materials must be replaced.
Orders are usually processed within 4 working days but during holiday periods it may take longer. See the website for opening hours during holidays. Orders are shipped under the national transport scheme.