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About the library

Loan terms


All loans taken out by students and employees at University College Copenhagen, external users and institutions, are subject to the regulations of the library at University College Copenhagen.

Loans policy
The library at University College Copenhagen is part of the national loan cooperation between libraries in Denmark.

Students and employees at University College Copenhagen are automatically registered as borrowers at start of study or employment.

Reservation policy
Users who have registered in the library system can order materials for collection at their primary library location, or by selecting another location. Materials found in the library's catalogue cannot be ordered from other libraries or through

Collecting materials
Reservations and orders are handled once a day and will, if the materials are available, be ready for collection after four working days, on average. A service message is sent via text message or email when the material is ready for pick-up. The material is to be collected within 7 days following the service message.

Loans and returns
Books are usually lent out for a period of 30 days. For other materials, the loan period might vary. Ask a member of staff at the library. The loan period of materials that have not been reserved for another user can be extended up to 180 days, after which the material must be returned. Renewals can be made by logging into your user profile.

Returning materials on time is your responsibility
The loaner is personally responsible for all borrowed materials and to return it on time at any KP library location. You can see an overview of your loans and return dates by logging into your user profile on

Service messages
If the loaner has an updated phone number and email address, the following service messages will be sent:

A reminder 3 days prior to the return date

On the return date

The first service message is sent 2 days after the return date 

The second service message is sent 9 days after the return date 

The third service message is sent 32 days after the return date. The message warns about an impending compensation claim if the material is not returned.

Fees and compensation of overdue materials
Even though you receive a service message via email or text, it is your own responsibility to hand in the borrowed materials on time.



Fee per material unit

Return date exceeding

1. service message

5,00 DKK

2 days

2. service message

10,00 DKK

9 days

3. service message

25,00 DKK

32 days

4. request

The material must be compensated. A bill is issued in the shape of an invoice (via our debtors department) on the price of the material* + a late-return fee of 50 DKK per material unit **

39 days

5. request

Reminder from the debtors department. A replacement fee of 150 DKK per invoice is added. (see Finance Act)

56 days

Transfer to SKAT

The bill is transferred for collection via SKAT.


70 days

* The library determines the price based on available information. If the price is unknown, the material price is set at 250 DKK per unit.

** The library is at this point entitled to reject receiving the material and to maintain the billed amount, as we at this point initiates the procedure for replacement of the material.

If you renew the material after having exceeded the return date, the fee will be added at the renewal.

Payment of late-return fees
Fees for exceeding the return date are paid on the library's website. If a loaner owes 200 DKK or more, the loaner's account is blocked in the library system, and new loans cannot be made until the outstanding amount has been paid.
When the outstanding amount has been paid, the loaner has to contact the library and show a receipt. The loaner's account will then be unblocked.

Enquiries regarding bills
Karina Frederiksen, 51 63 28 35,